Our Activity

World’s Largest Exporter of Natural Gas

Gazprom Export is one of Russia’s most successful and advanced companies. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom. Its mission is to export Russian natural gas to foreign markets. Gazprom Export adheres to principles of social responsibility, and  provides for the development of the gas industry and the Russian economy.

For more than fifty years, the reliable supplies of Russian gas have been a significant contribution to the energy security in Europe and  to Russian federal budget revenues. 

In 2019, natural gas exports to the far abroad countries under the contracts of Gazprom Export amounted to 174.9 bcm,.

Our Company:


  • Supplies natural gas to more than 20 countries;
  • Exports gas condensate, crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gases, and other oil and gas petrochemicals;
  • Opens up new markets for Russian gas, optimizes export flows, analyses, and forecasts gas markets trends; 
  • Provides reliable and secure natural gas supply for international clients; 
  • Participates in development and implementation of Gazprom Group’s gas and energy investment projects in Russia and worldwide; 
  • Actively participates in developing cooperation with international partners.


Gas Reserves of PJSC Gazprom

Gazprom Export’s global market positions are backed by the world’s largest gas reserves of PJSC Gazprom. Its share in the global reserves is around 16%, and in the Russian reserves – approximately 70%.

Gazprom accounts for around two-thirds of Russia’s total gas production. In 2020, Gazprom Group companies produced 453.5 bcm of natural gas.

The total length of gas trunk pipelines and gas transmission network has reached 176,800 km.


Relevance of the Company’s Activities to the Interests of Gas Importers 

The company guarantees reliable and sustainable gas supply to importing countries. The history of gas supplies to Europe demonstrates that despite the turbulent political transformations both in consumer countries and in the former Soviet Union, we have always been capable of ensuring uninterrupted gas supply to our clients.

Russian Gas and Europe
The shares of gas and renewables in the European energy mix are expected to increase, amid continuing decline of  oil and coal. Given Europe’s limited domestic gas reserves and decline in indigenous production, the European countries are likely to import more gas from third countries. Gazprom Export is ready to contribute to meeting the European demand by drawing on the huge potential of the Russian natural gas industry. 


Compliance of the Сompany’s Operations with Russia’s National Interests: 


  • Contribution to the development of Russia’s energy exports and the positive foreign trade balance; 
  • Strengthening of Russia’s positions in the global fuel and energy market; 
  • Expanding the economic base to improve cooperation with the importers of Russian gas; 
  • Increasing foreign currency earnings; 
  • Attracting investment into Russian gas industry; 
  • Raising employment rate and income levels of Russian citizens; 
  • Creating employment opportunities in the areas of gas extraction, processing, transmission and distribution.