12 June 2017

The Tenth International Peter the Great Congress Took Place in St. Petersburg

Вручение медали «К 300-летию визита Петра Великого во Францию»

Presentation of the jubilee medal "To the 300th anniversary of Peter the Great


The year 2017 marks the 300th anniversary of Peter the Great’s first visit to France, initiating diplomatic relations between the two countries. For this reason and during the crossing Year of Cultural Tourism of Russia and France in 2017, both countries held congresses, dedicated to studying the Peter the Great epoch, preserving and popularizing Peter the Great’s heritage, and developing cultural tourism.

The Ninth International Peter the Great Congress “European Routes of Peter the Great” took place April 20-21, 2017 in Paris, while the anniversary Tenth International Peter the Great Congress “Russia and France: Cultural Dialogue in the Panorama of the Centuries” was held June 9, 2017 in St. Petersburg, continuing the Russian-French theme. Over 100 applications for Congress participation were received from Russia, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. About 60 of the best papers were selected for the plenary and section meetings.

During the Congress, a unique project was presented — “The Collection of Peter the Great’s Monuments in Russia,” a large encyclopedic publication, including information about the thousands of monuments and curiosities related to Peter the Great. About 60 authors are currently working on this project. The two-volume encyclopedia will be ready for publication in 2018.

The Ninth and Tenth International Peter the Great Congresses, as well as preparation of the “Collection of Peter the Great’s Monuments in Russia” were possible due to the financial support of the Gazprom Group.

A gala evening, dedicated to Peter the Great’s birthday and the opening of the Congress took place on June 9 in the St. Petersburg Academic Chapel Concert Hall. By tradition, one of the Peter the Great cities received the banner “Path of Peter the Great” during the celebration. This year the southern city of Azov was awarded the honorary banner. The French Consul General in St. Petersburg, Thibaut Fourriere, also accepted the banner “Path of Peter the Great” from the Director of the D.S. Likhachev Foundation, Aleksander Kobak.

During the gala evening, commemorative anniversary medals were also handed out: “300th Anniversary of Peter the Great’s Visit to France,” especially stamped for this event at the St. Petersburg Mint. The medals were awarded to specialists and organizations that made a special contribution to developing the program “Path of Peter the Great” and preparing the international Peter the Great Congresses, including the State Hermitage, State Museum of St. Petersburg History, State Peterhof Museum Reserve, Konstantinovsky International Philanthropic Foundation and Gazprom PJSC. The deputy CEO of Gazprom export, Igor Gazin, accepted the medal on behalf of the Gazprom Group.

At the end of the gala event, a concert was held by the symphony orchestra and the choir of the St. Petersburg Chapel under the direction of People’s Artist of the USSR Vladislav Chernushenko.


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