4 June 2019

Excursion to Arctic and Antarctic Museum

In May 2019, pupils of the SBI LR (State Budgetary Institution of Leningrad Region) Nikolsky Resource Center visited the Arctic and Antarctic Museum in St. Petersburg. The event was organized by IACU (International Association  of Civil Unions) International Association for Culture with the support of Gazprom export LLC.

Children discovered the wonderful world of the Arctic through studying unique dioramas of the northern birds, walruses, Tundra and glaciers. An exhibition devoted to the history of the development of the Northeast Passage was the next point of the educational excursion. The guide told the children the history of sea navigation from the XIV century to date, including the scientific research of Soviet and Russian scientists in the Arctic. The final point of the tour around the Museum was the hall of the Antarctic focused on the nature of the sixth continent, the history of its discovery and the most important expeditions.



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