3 June 2019

The Mysterious World of Cinema

In May 2019, more than 70 inmates of social institutions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region visited one of the largest film studios in the city - Kinopolis.

The children participated in the unusual excursion titled “Adventures on the Other Side of the Screen”. In addition to the educational program, it included puzzles, team games and competitions. The children immersed into the creative atmosphere and came into contact with the mysterious world of cinema: they learned about numerous professions that exist in the film industry, saw chromakey, a special green screen that allows to change the background image on the video, and visited the workshop where props used for the film-making are made, as well as the room of a sound-effects man full of objects for cinema and TV series sound recording and much more. After the excursion, the children went to the cinema to watch the Aladdin movie.

The event was organized by IACU (International Association of Civil Unions) International Association for Culture with the support of Gazprom export LLC.



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