10 June 2019

Classes at the Academy of Arts

During the three spring months of 2019, pupils of SBEI LR (State Budgetary Educational Institution of Leningrad Region) Nikolskaya Boarding School that implements Adaptive Educational Programs and SBI LR (State Budgetary Institution of Leningrad Region) Mginsk Boarding School for Children with Eyesight Disabilities visited the Russian Academy of Arts. 

Under the program, children participated in special thematic excursions on the history of sculpture, painting and architecture, and also workshops organized by the Academy of Arts. During these excursions, the children visited the halls of casts, paintings and academic architecture models. The final stage of the program was a large sculpting workshop with sculptor Nikolai Shatalov, during which each child had the opportunity to make the first steps to create their first sculpture.

The educational program was organized by IACU (International Association of Civil Unions) International Association for Culture with the support of Gazprom export LLC.



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