15 October 2019

Guardians of Time. Conservation at the Moscow Kremlin Museums

From July 12 through October 13, 2019, the Moscow Kremlin Musiums presented “Guardians of Time. Conservation at the Moscow Kremlin Museums”, an exhibition mounted in the halls of the Patriarch’s Palace and the Assumption Belfry, and officially sponsored by Gazprom Export LLC.

The exhibition was a showcase of rare items, including royal regalia, personal belongings of Russian monarchs, ceremonial arms, ancient icons, and jewelry produced by Russian and Western European goldsmiths. The team of restorers included craftspeople specializing in a variety of materials and media – metals, textiles, paper, tempera and oil paintings. Their work has restored the museum’s precious objects to their former glory, giving them a new lease on life. The most noteworthy among the items restored by the craftspeople were the diamond caps of royal brothers and co-rulers Ioann Alexeyevich and Peter Alexeyevich, as well as the gem of the museum’s collection of icons – “Sophia, Wisdom of God”, produced in the first half of the 15th century.

Visitors were able to view ceremonial items, arms, and horse armor, as well as unique artifacts from the Kremlin’s churches and monasteries: icons, embroidered vestments, and valuable churchware once kept in sacristies. The display was complemented with multimedia presentations showing the working processes of the restorers of the various materials.


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