6 November 2019

National Unity Day for Children from Social Institutions

On November 4, 2019 – National Unity Day – children from several social institutions from St. Petersburg and Leningrad spent the whole day at the multimedia history theme park “Russia: My History”. The outing was organized by the International Association for the Promotion of Culture, with the support of Gazprom Export LLC.

The event was attended by wards of the Center for the Family Upbringing Contribution in the town of Kolpino and the Centers for Assisting Families and Children in Kalininsky and Vyborgsky Districts, pupils from K.K. Grot Boarding School No. 1, and children from large low-income families.

The children were taken on a guided tour of the exhibition “St. Petersburg: The History of Its Development 1703-2018”, devoted to the history and peculiarities of the city’s construction, and telling also of how the city and its residents coped with the hardships they had to endure during its most troubled periods – the struggle against the destruction of the post-revolutionary period and during the Great Patriotic War. The special multimedia presentations at the exhibition allowed the children to gain a fuller understanding of how St. Petersburg ultimately became a modern metropolitan city while preserving its extremely rich cultural heritage.

After the tour, the kids visited “A Day in History” – a performance by a symphony orchestra that was part of the special educational project “Youth for Youth”. Since this project, organized by the Taurida Orchestra, is aimed at supporting talented children, young musicians were performing on the stage alongside their adult counterparts. The collective performed works by Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich.



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