21 October 2019

Journey Into the Universe of Water

On October 17, 2019, pupils of the Boarding School for Children with Special Needs from Nikolskoye Settlement visited the Universe of Water multimedia exhibition complex in St. Petersburg.

The Universe of Water multimedia exhibition is located close to the water tower in the reservoir of the old municipal waterworks. The major objective of the exhibition is to demonstrate as fully as possible the enormous importance of water for our planet in general, as well as for the life of every individual human being.

The children participated in a specially-prepared interactive program called “Following the Aqua Trail”, during which they learned a lot about the history, current condition and future of water supply, and about the state of water resources, as well as gaining an understanding of the power of water in all its forms, both creative and destructive. In addition, each participant was able to demonstrate their ingenuity and intelligence in a series of quizzes and puzzles. 

The journey was organized by the International Association for the Promotion of Culture, and supported by Gazprom Export LLC.



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