30 October 2019

The Little Scarlet Flower at the Puppet Theater

On October 28, 2019, little wards of the organization Down Center and kids from Pavlovsk Orphanage for Children with Special Needs No. 4 visited the Puppet Format theater to see The Little Scarlet Flower show.

The tale, written by Sergey Aksakov, is based on a classic plotline that can be found in the folklore of many countries: a handsome young man is turned into a beast by a witch, before meeting a young girl whose kindness and love break the curse. At the Puppet Format theatre, the familiar story is narrated by the housekeeper Pelageya, played by Olga Donets, and is accompanied by an interactive puppet show in which any young spectator can take part.

The visit was organized by the International Association for the Promotion of Culture, and supported by Gazprom Export LLC.



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