17 December 2019

Johann Strauss Magic Ball in Strelna

On December 15, 2019, the Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg opened its doors for the Johann Strauss Magic Ball, a grand New Year’s charity gala for children. The event took place as part of the cultural cooperation between Gazprom Group and OMV AG, Austria. It was organized by the autonomous non-profit organization House of the Future, and some 300 children from social and rehabilitation institutions in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region were invited to attend.

The young guests began their journey into the world of magic with an exciting quest - they were invited to find and put together the lost notes of the Strelna Terraces Quadrille, composed in the 19th century by Austrian composer Johann Strauss when he visited the Konstantinovsky Palace and was fascinated by its wonderful beauty. At the end of this fun quest, each child was able to find a master class to their liking in the Marble Hall: making Christmas-tree decorations, decorating Christmas gingerbread, or practicing ballroom dancing.

Occupying pride of place in the program was, of course, the ball itself, brimming with dances accompanied by the Pushkin Quartet and Oleg Vainstein, principal pianist of the St Petersburg Academic Philharmonic. The children were especially impressed by the dances performed by students of the two oldest ballet schools in the world - the Vaganova Ballet Academy and the Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera. At the end of the event, they heard the very same Strauss quadrille that they had so intrepidly gathered the notes of at the very beginning of the evening.

To round off the party, each child received a New Year’s gift.



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