10 June 2021

International Children’s Day

In the first days of summer, St. Petersburg and Moscow have traditionally hosted events dedicated to International Children’s Day.  This year, a series of charity events was organised for children who had been missing offline, face-to-face communication. In St. Petersburg, foster children from sponsored social institutions could watch and join an interactive performance about Vasilisa the Wise and her friends. They also watched and participated in a festive concert and a soap bubble show, and even took a ride in the most eco-friendly means of transport – a horse-drawn carriage.

At the same time in Moscow, as part of the first Multi-Youth festival for teenagers, creative master classes for children with special needs were organised in Borovik Park. All the children received presents that included exciting educational games, books, toys and many other things. The events were held in strict accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights).

International Children’s Day is a holiday important for all of us. It reminds adults of their responsibility for the well-being of the younger generation today and for their success in the future.  Children are our greatest treasure. And it is for them that we live and develope our economy and our social sphere.

All events are organised by House of the Future ANO with the support of Gazprom Export LLC.



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