29 September 2021

An Urban Environmental Festival in the Lomonosov District

Environmental awareness is becoming more and more popular in Russia.

Teenagers and children care about environmental issues as well as adults. Young people are active in international forums and public events calling on people to try and help stop climate change and combat environmental contamination.

People often first learn about nature and the interconnections within it as well as about the impact that human activity can have on it at a very young age. All of this then evolves into a general understanding about the world around us, environmental awareness and environmentally responsible behavior. Therefore, Gazprom Export LLC regards holding various educational events for children as an important component of its charity programs. The SCIENCE. CULTURE. SPORT. 3.0. project  aims to popularize new knowledges and modern achievements among children and teenagers and give them ample opportunities to participate especially when it comes to children with particular support needs and children living in remote regions. This year, special attention of the project is being paid to the environmental agenda.

As part of this project, an urban environmental festival was held in the town of Villozi in the Lomonosov district on September 26 with support of our company. 

An interactive exhibition entitled “Second Life” was organized for the participants and local residents and explained how recycled materials can be used to create new things. The local children took a special interest in this exhibition. The kids were able to get first-hand experience with finished and semi-finished products of recycling and immerse themselves in the topic of waste management. Starting in October, all children being cared for in social institutions who took part in the environmental festival will be taking part in the “Kind Tops” project. They’ll be collecting used tops from plastic bottles and packs in special containers at their institutions so that these tops can be sent to plastic recycling factories while the money earned will be used to help children with support needs being raised in foster families.

After attending the exhibition, the visitors eagerly took part in master-classes and learned what new items they can help produce by sorting waste and collecting garbage in special containers or taking it to recycling stations. They also crafted decorations from natural materials and made new pictures by assembling them from pieces of discarded items, thus finding new uses for discarded things.

This was followed by a Smart Kids brain ring game devoted to environmental awareness. The most knowledgeable participants not only learned something new but also received commemorative gifts.

The festival also featured sports contests. At the skate park outside the Villozi community center, professional skateboarders and roller skaters put on an extreme performance and gave a master class for those interested in these sports, particularly popular among young people. 

The participants in the events were children aged 12 through 16 from several boarding schools for children with particular support needs and other social institutions in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

The event was organized by the International Association for the Promotion of Culture, with the support of our company.



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