26 October 2021

Children Helping Environment: an Eco-Quest and Trips to Industrial Sites

In October, children and teenagers from several social organizations in Leningrad Region took part in the SCIENCE.CULTURE.SPORTS 3.0 project. This event is held annually in mid-fall by environmental volunteers and activists to clean up coastal areas, forests and parks. This time, the kids cleaned up the shores of the Tank Lakes, a system of three artificial ponds in southern Leningrad Region.  An interactive eco-quest was organized for all participants, and was aimed at educating about environmental culture and practical application of this new knowledge. The kids teams competed in cleaning up and sorting garbage, eventually managing to collect over 150 bags of various types of waste.

This quest not only provided entertainment and excitement, but also taught kids about the world around them.  The invited environmental scientists told the kids about the importance of sorting garbage. They explained why paper and plastic should not be disposed together, how long it takes for rubber to decompose, and lots of other interesting facts. Tea party and rewards followed.

Within the same project, the young participants were also invited to educational tours to various industrial sites in Leningrad Region. One of them was the ‘Mayr-Melnhof Polygrafoformlenie Packaging’s coated chipboard manufacturing facility. The company is a leading European supplier of folding cardboard packaging. During the tour, the kids saw all the cardboard and packaging production stages and were acquainted with the environmental safety concept during production. Additionally, they also learned how the company manages to minimize the negative environmental impact of its production processes, and learned about new eco-friendly technologies and future “green” jobs.

Equally engaging was the tour to the Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies factory, the only production facility in Russia with proven skills in manufacturing, maintenance and design of high-capacity gas turbines (over 180 MW). During the tour, the kids attended all the stages of gas turbine manufacturing and learned how gas turbines are assembled, repaired and maintained. In addition to the manufacturing and maintenance processes, the kids were also told about modern jobs that are demanded at the company. One of the company’s most important goals is environmental safety, so all its activities are closely monitored to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. The company ensures its environmental safety by constant monitoring its emissions of polluting substances into the air, water and into the ground. Additionally, the kids learned about how the company is installing modern equipment and implementing other measures to minimize the negative impact of its production processes on the environment.

The activities were organized by the International Association for Culture Promotion, with the support of our company.



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