Elena Burmistrova

Director General of Gazprom Export

Director General of Gazprom Export


Elena Burmistrova graduated from Maurice Thorez Moscow State Linguistic University. In 2007 she completed the American Business and Practices program at Boston Northeastern University (USA). In 2009 she received her MBA degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Elena Burmistrova started her career at Glencore International (Switzerland) in 1992, then worked for various international companies.

Professional experience:

2003 — 2006: Deputy Director of Spetsgaz, Gazprom Export;

2006 — 2011: Department Head, Managing Director for Oil, Oil Derivatives and Petrochemicals of Gazprom Export;

2011 — 2014: Deputy Director General for Petroleum Products, LNG and New Gas Markets of Gazprom Export;

2014 — present: Director General of Gazprom Export.