In connection with emailing and using the Internet for offers for sale of substantial quantities of natural gas from brokers allegedly related to the Gazprom Group companies, Gazprom Export (a 100% owned subsidiary of Gazprom) informs that in accordance with Russian law it is the only exporter of natural gas that belongs to Gazprom Group abroad and does not engage any Russian and foreign businesses/individuals as intermediaries in negotiating and concluding contracts.

In order to take timely legal measures against individuals and legal entities, wrongly offering the export of natural gas for sale, please inform about the dubious proposals by e-mail to: adnotam@gazpromexport.com or fax: +7 (812) 646 1415.

Gazprom Export informs that the following organizations have no relationship to the Company, and their sites are not information resources of its subsidiaries and affiliated companies:

«CJSC TRI Holding», Russia;
«Solaris Ltd.», Bulgaria;
«Ruscan Petroleum Solution Inc.», Canada;
«Mcraney Investment UK Limited», UK;
«Mors Ltd.», Turkey;
«Helvetia Business Services AG», Switzerland;
«CDL Energy GmbH», Germany;
«Titans Metal Trading Co. Ltd.», Hong Kong;
«Agion Energy», Russia, www.agionenergy.com;
«Bokina Import & Export Ltd.», United Kingdom, United States;
«Cone Oil & Gaz, Russia», www.coneoilgaz.com;
«Litopa», Lithuania;
«MaxOil Service», Estonia;
«Nebaneft Oil & Gaz Company», Russia, www.nebaneft.com;
«Preston Group S.A.»;
«Rosni GC Corporation», USA;
«Sogaz Oil», «Sogaz Oils», «Sogaz Prom», Russia, www.sogazoil.ru, www.sogazoil.com;
«Tropek LLC», «TRISTA-A LLC», Russia;
«Fager Commercial Ltd.», British Virgin Islands, UK;
«Wa Ao Zhong Ao International Trade US Group Co.Ltd.», China;
«Siberia Oil and Gas», Russia;
«ATB Trading Group AG», Ukraine;
«Gazprom Mineral Fertilizers Export», «Gazprom Mineral Fertilizers SCO»;
«Gazprom-Kazakhstan LLC»
, Kazakhstan; 
«Gazprom-Central Asia PJSC», Kazakhstan.