Gazprom Export LLC  (a 100% owned subsidiary of Gazprom) informs that in accordance with Russian law, it is the only exporter of natural gas that belongs to Gazprom Group, and it does not engage any Russian and foreign businesses/individuals as intermediaries in negotiating and concluding contracts.

We would like to draw the attention of the Russian legal entities to the fact that Gazprom export LLC carries out trading operations EXCLUSIVELY FOR EXPORT (only to foreign companies). Any offers on behalf of Gazprom export LLC for deliveries within the Russian Federation are reasonably suspicios.


We ask you to inform our company about any facts of doubtful commercial offers related to the sale of natural gas and/or other products for export on behalf of Gazprom export LLC by e - mail: or Fax: +7 (812) 646-14-15



 In 2019, cases of illegal actions under the name and corporate identity of Gazprom Export LLC have been revealed. A group of unidentified persons sends out commercial offers pretending to be on behalf of Gazprom Export LLC, and inviting potential buyers to a “mutually beneficial cooperation”. In those offers, the interested companies are invited to sign contracts with a 100%-advance payment clauses.

Fraudsters tend to include the proper details of our company in the contracts they draft, and they often provide the publicly available copies of the real incorporation documents of our company, like Statute or tax registration certificate.

After signing the contract, the “client” is issued invoices for payment, in which the payment details of our company are already replaced with other ones controlled by fraudsters.

Fraudsters communicate per phone or email and use a number of reasons to avoid any personal contact. They compose their emails in Russian and/or English, using the general facts on Gazprom Export available on open sources. With this, they replace certain details with the fake telephone numbers or email addresses, and falsified signatures of company management. 

Among other, fraudsters tend to use phone numbers with Moscow or St. Petersburg dialing codes like

+7 (499) 350-32-85, +7 (499) 350-85-15, +7 (495) 205-56-29, +7 (812) 309-46-18, +7 (812) 309-86-94, +7 (812) 309-02-50, +7 (812) 309-87-28, +7 (812) 309-27-65, +7 (812) 448-39-54, +7 (812) 448-53-91, +7 (812) 627-13-46, +7 (812) 627-21-89, +7 (919) 100-99-74, +7 (919) 970-66-22

and the web domain (with email addresses,, and others alike), as well as addresses,,, and others alike.

Gazprom Export LLC kindly asks you to pay due attention when entering into the commercial mail exchange and establishing contractual relations.


We would like to draw your attention to the activity of the companies whose names and activities match with the parameters of Gazprom Group companies. Such companies are located in Russia and in the EU.

Since February 2019, the company with the similar name LLC Gazprom Export, tax number 7729717374, with Mikhail Vladimirovich Kedya as general director, is active in Russia. This company is in no way related neither to our company nor to Gazprom Group. Before, the above company was known under the name ‘VIP Arbat LLC’.

We would like to inform you that the Arbitration court of Moscow has ordered the above-mentioned organization to cease using the brand name of Gazprom export LLC in relation to the activities carried out by our company. The judgment entered into force on January 28, 2020.