We would like to draw attention to the fact that Gazprom Export LLC carries out trading operations EXCLUSIVELY FOR EXPORT (only to foreign companies). 

Currently we notice that multiple so-called ‘entrepreneurs’ are using fabricated documents that contain faked signatures of the officials and fake letterheads of Gazprom Export LLC. We consider such fraud activity a misrepresentation, aimed at confusing the bona fide market players and obtaining revenues by false pretenses.

Example of a fake Letter of response to the offer (pdf, 195 Кb)

At the same time, we continue to record new cases of illegal actions under the name and corporate identity of Gazprom Export LLC. A group of unidentified persons sends out doubtful commercial offers pretending to be on behalf of Gazprom Export LLC, and inviting potential buyers to purchase various commodities, mainly oil products. The interested companies are informed of the need to sign contracts (or memoranda of understanding or cooperation, or other similar documents) that foresee advance payments or deposit for goods before delivery.

Fraudsters provide documents that may include real or fake details of our company. They can fake letterheads, seals of Gazprom Export or Russian authorities; they also fake signatures of company management or officials of Russian authorities. In the invoices issued for payment, the payment details of our company are replaced with the ones controlled by fraudsters. After receiving the money, fraudsters cease any communication.

Fraudsters often communicate per phone or email and use a number of reasons to avoid any personal contact. They compose their emails using different mail domains that include words like “export” or “gazprom” and their combinations.

We would like to stress that Gazprom Export LLC:
  • never performs mass mailings of commercial offers, and never uses the ‘Irrevocable Confirmed Purchased Order’ in communication with its potential clients;
  • does not invite agencies, or intermediaries or any other third parties to sell its production or to represent its interests;
  • never claims that the upcoming deals be registered in the state authorities of Russian Federation;
  • does not require advance payments and/or deposits to be provided against any services (including logistics or paperwork clearance) before a contract is signed;
  • does not issue invoices that include bank details of other entities or physical persons.

Gazprom Export LLC kindly asks you to pay due attention when entering into the commercial mail exchange and establishing contractual relations.

Example of a fake MoU (pdf, 108 Kb)

Example of a fake Invoice (pdf, 33.5 Kb)

Example of a fake Letter of Guarantee  (pdf, 57 Kb)


Since February 2019, the company with the similar name OOO “Gazprom Export”, tax number 7729717374, with Mikhail Vladimirovich Kedya as general director, is active in Russia. This company is in no way related to Gazprom Group.

The Arbitration court of Moscow has ordered the above-mentioned organization to cease using the brand name of Gazprom Export LLC in relation to the activities carried out by our company. The judgment entered into force on January 28, 2020.

In May 2021, the Gazprom Export Limited company was registered in the United Kingdom, with registration number 13424798, with Fitz Morgan as director, and with address 65 Slack Road, Manchester, England M9 8NJ. This company is also in no way related to Gazprom Group.

We ask you to inform our company about any facts of doubtful commercial offers related to the sale of natural gas and/or other products for export on behalf of Gazprom Export LLC by email: or fax: +7 (812) 646-14-15