ESPGazEX index

Month Euro/MWh Rub/MWh **
 June-19 (C)* 12.879 940.3
 May-19 14.855 1,075.9
 April-19 16.016 1,158.1
 March-19 18.013 1,310.0
 February-19 21.110 1,582.6
 January-19 23.632 1,777.1
 December-18 25.455 2,022.7
 November-18 27.454 2,079.6
 October-18 28.766 2,140.8


* cumulative
** as per Central Bank of Russia exchange rate at publication date

The ESPGazEX provides exclusively weighted price information for transactions concluded on the ESP. It therefore relates only to supply products traded on the ESP. Gazprom Export has a broad offering of supply products which vary substantially in their legal and commercial terms and which are therefore priced very differently. As a consequence, price information published on the ESPGazEX is not indicative for the pricing of other offerings of Gazprom Export.