Supply of Russian gas to Croatia started in 1978 within the deliveries to Yugoslavia. On 10 November 1992, an Intergovernmental agreement for Russian natural gas supply in the volume of up to 1.2 bcma through 2010 was signed.

In 2005–2010, Gazprom Export supplied natural gas within the long-term contract with INA Industrija Nafte Company (after the reorganization, rights and obligations of a buyer were conveyed to Prirodni Plin d.o.o. in September 2009). Actual volumes of Russian natural gas supply to Croatia amounted to 1.1–1.2 bcma.

In 2012, supply of natural gas was performed by Gazprom Schweiz AG within the contracts with Croatian Prvo plinarsko društvo d.o.o. (hereafter – PPD). Since 2017, Gazprom Export delivers natural gas to PPD under the long-term сontract valid through 2027.In 2019, Gazprom Export supplied to Croatia 2.82 bcm of gas.