Czech Republic

Russian natural gas supplies to the Czech Republic began in 1967 within the deliveries to Czechoslovakia.

As for today, Gazprom Export’s and Gazprom Group companies’ key partner in the Czech Republic market is RWE Supply & Trading CZ a.s. (hereafter – RWE). On 15 October 1998, a long-term contract for the supply of Russian natural gas to the Czech Republic was signed with RWE predecessor – Transgas. The contract is valid through 2035.

For many years, Russian natural gas transit across the Czech territory was based on a long-term contract signed on 1 November 1999 with Transgas. On 1 April 2013, RWE transferred this contract to Net4Gas – the operator of the Czech gas transmission system – in accordance with agreements of the parties. Russian natural gas deliveries for onward transit through the territory of the Czech Republic are carried out mainly through the Yamal – Europe and Nord Stream/OPAL gas pipelines through the VIP Brandov-Gaspool entry point.

 The Gazprom Export group's Wingas is active in the gas retail market of the Czech Republic.

In total, 5.01 bcm of gas was supplied to the Czech market in 2020.