Czech Republic

Russian natural gas supplies to Czechoslovakia began in 1967. Gazprom Export presently has two long-term contracts for supplying natural gas to the Czech Republic: with RWE Supply & Trading CZ a.s. (formerly known as RWE Transgas) and with Vemex s.r.o. Russian natural gas transit via Czech territory is handled by Net4gaz— the operator of the Czech Republic’s gas transmission system.

RWE Supply & Trading CZ a.s. is still Gazprom Export’s main partner in the Czech Republic. A long-term contract with RWE Supply & Trading CZ a.s. (RWE Transgas) was signed on October 15, 1998 and runs through to the end of 2035.

For many years, Russian natural gas transit across Czech territory was based on a long-term contract signed on November 1, 1999 with RWE Transgas (subsequently RWE Supply & Trading CZ a.s. as of January 1, 2013). On April 1, 2013, RWE Supply & Trading CZ a.s. transferred this contract to Net4gaz — the operator of the Czech gas transmission system — in accordance with agreements reached by the parties. Russian natural gas deliveries for onward transit through the territory of the Czech Republic are carried out mainly through the Yamal-Europe and Nord Stream/OPAL gas pipelines through the Olbernhau/Brandov entry point.

In March 2006, Gazprom Export was contracted to supply gas to Vemex, marking the start of supply diversification in the Czech market, along with — given Gazprom Group’s stake in Vemex — access to end consumers in the Czech Republic.

In total, 4.54 bcm of gas was supplied to the Czech market in 2016 (including gas for compressor stations).

As of June 2017, the Czech Republic had over 120 public CNG stations, 15 stations among them are owned by Gazprom Group.

In July 2016, Dambořice Underground Gas Storage (UGS) was put into operation. The storage is operated by Moravia Gas Storage a.s., joint venture company of MND and Gazprom Export. The UGS active capacity of 456 million cubic meters is the largest in the Czech Republic and will substantially increase the reliability of natural gas supply to Central Europe.

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