Germany is the largest buyer of Russian natural gas. The total volumes of gas delivered to this country in 2018, including resales, amounted to record 58.5 bcm. The total volume of natural gas sold to Germany (including GDR) since the deliveries began in 1973, exceeded 1 trillion cubic meters. Now Russian natural gas is supplied to Germany under Gazprom Export’s contracts with Uniper Global Commodities SE, WIEH GmbH & Co. KG, WINGAS GmbH, Shell Energy Europe Ltd., Vitol SA, and GM& T.

Our oldest partner on the German market is Uniper. Gazprom Export’s four main contracts with Uniper have been extended to 2035. The total volume of gas supplied to Uniper and its legal predecessors from the start of deliveries to the present is over 685 bcm.

Uniper’s predecessor, the joint-stock company Ruhrgas AG was founded in 1926 for purchase, transmission and sale of natural gas, and construction, and operation of pipelines. Ruhrgas was the first ever West German company to sign a contract to import natural gas from Russia in 1970. In 2003, the German energy corporation E.ON AG became the sole shareholder of Ruhrgas AG. In 2010, E.ON Global Commodities was divided into trade and transportation companies, with further reorganization following in 2016. The traditional power generation, and gas exploration, production and trade became the focus for the company known as Uniper (Unique Performance).

To increase efficiency of natural gas sales and support its market share in Germany, Gazprom and Wintershall AG have established two joint ventures in Germany: WIEH (1990) and WINGAS (1993). In 2015, following the asset swap deal with Wintershall, Gazprom PJSC increased its stake in the WINGAS, WIEH, and WIEE companies to 100%.
With WIEH and WINGAS Gazprom Export has concluded several long-term contracts, some of these valid until 2030. In particular, in 2013 WINGAS started receiving gas within the Nord Stream project. In 2018, Gazprom Export has supplied to WINGAS GmbH and WIEH GmbH a total of 30.0 bcm gas for the German market.

Gazprom Export also supplies gas to Shell Energy Europe Ltd. based on the contract for the supply of 1.2 bcm of gas per year until 2031.