ENI, which was created in 1953, is Gazprom Group’s main partner on the Italian market. The company’s corporate structure has three business divisions: Exploration & Production, Gas & Power, and Refining & Marketing. Gas purchases and sales are made by ENI Gas & Power S.p.A., which is a part of the second division. Gazprom Group supplies natural gas under three long-term contracts with ENI.

Gas is also exported to other companies operating in the Italian market, such as Sinergie Italiane, Axpo Trading AG, ERG, and AEE MME Energy.

Besides, Russian gas is delivered to Italy through subsidiaries JSC Promgaz (which was created on a parity basis by Gazprom and ENI in June 1993) and PremiumGaz (created in 2008 jointly with A2A S.p.A. and Iride S.p.A).

In 2013, 25.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas were delivered to Italy under all contracts. About 540.38 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas have been shipped to this country since 1974. Gazprom and ENI have been jointly implemented the Blue Stream project within their strategic alliance based on the Agreement signed in 1998. The pipeline system is operated by a special-purpose Russian-Italian company called the Blue Stream Pipeline Company. The gas pipeline’s capacity is divided between Gazprom and ENI on a 50/50 basis. In 2010, the pipeline reached its designed capacity of 16 billion cubic meters.

Gazprom/Gazprom Export signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with ENI on November 14, 2006. As a result, since April 1, 2007, Gazprom Group has also been able to make direct Russian gas deliveries to the Italian market through the ENI company’s concession of its TAG gas pipeline capacities and gas volumes to Gazprom Export — about 3 billion cubic meters. Delivery volumes reached its maximum of 3 billion cubic meters per year by 2010.