Gazprom Export's main partner in the Netherlands is GazTerra (former Gasunie). The supplies of Russian gas to the country are performed on the basis of a long-term contract, which was signed in September 2000 for 20 years and then extended through October 1, 2022.

In 2020, the pipeline supplies to the Dutch market amounted to 11.81 bcm, including supplies to GazTerra, subsidiaries, by short-term contracts and via the ESP.

In 2011, with the commissioning of the first string of Nord Stream the Netherlands started to receive gas also via this route.

The basis of Gazprom’s business cooperation with Dutch partners were laid by the framework agreement between Gazprom and Gasunie signed in 1996. Along with the Russian natural gas supply to the Netherlands, the agreement covers various forms of partnership in transmission, storage, enhancing flexibility of gas supply etc. In 2005, Gasunie was split into gas transmission company Gasunie Transport Services B.V. and gas trading company GasTerra, which inherited the contract for the Russian natural gas supply. 50% of GazTerra's shares belong to the state, other shareholders are ExxonMobil and Shell, who control 25% of shares each.

 In 2014, the Netherlands commisioned the Bergermeer underground storage facility, which is used by Gazprom Export and other foreign partners.