Russian natural gas has been supplied to Romania since 1979 within the Orenburg AgreementThe Orenburg General Agreement was signed on June 21, 1974 between the USSR and the member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA), including Bulgaria, Hungary, the GDR, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia. It provided for the joint development of the Orenburg gas field and construction of the main Orenburg – the Western Soviet Border Gas Pipeline ("Soyuz").. Its share on the Romanian market has varied from 2% to 25% of total consumption. Gas supplies from the Russian Federation are performed under long-term contracts concluded with the companies Gazprom Schweiz AG and Conef Energy for natural gas supplies to Romania through 2030.

As of 31 December 2019, in the course of cooperation over 131.82 bcm of gas has been supplied to Romania, including 994 mcm in 2019.