Blue Corridor – Gas Into Engines 2019 Rally Launched

The Event is Organized by Gazprom and Germany's Uniper

Construction of Nord Stream 2 Completed by 75%

To date, Nord Stream 2 has laid 1,855 kilometres of the pipeline in the Baltic Sea

Finnish Sector of Nord Stream 2 Completed

The second string of the pipeline has been laid in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Finland

300 Bcm of Gas Have Been Transported via the Nord Stream Gas Transport Route

A milestone was reached on 16 August 2019

Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Ends to Be Welded Together near Rugen Island

To date, 1,700 km of the pipeline — 70% of its total length – have been laid on the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Gazprom Export Successfully Completed Another Gas Sales Deal on the Electronic Sales Platform With Payment in Rubles

Gazprom Export successfully completed another deal of gas sales to Western Europe priced in rubles on the Electronic Sales Platform.