Gazprom and Moldovagaz Sign Documents to Extend Gas Supply and Transit contracts

The existing contracts are extended for the period starting on 1 January 2021

Natural Gas Demand Poised for Long-Term Growth

By 2040, worldwide gas consumption is expected to rise by 1.3 trillion cubic meters and exceed 5.3 trillion cubic meters

Gazprom Moving Forward with Its LNG Projects

The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information about the ongoing implementation of the LNG production and supply projects

Progress of Amur GPP Construction Project Reaches 70.5 Per Cent

The first production trains are to be commissioned in 2021

Alexey Miller and Mher Grigoryan, Armenia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Discuss Gas Supply Issues

The parties reviewed the results of work on gas supplies to Armenia in 2020 and the conditions of supplies for 2021

Gas Supplies to Germany under a Long-Term Contract with OMV Started

The companies concluded a new contract in the end of October 2020

First Ever Pipeline Gas Supplies from Russia to China Mark the One-Year Anniversary

During this time, the Power of Siberia gas pipeline has delivered 3.84 bcm of gas

Gazprom Continuing to Supply Gas via Power of Siberia in Excess of Planned Amounts

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Dai Houliang took place

Gazprom Export LLC Credit Rating Affirmed by ACRA at AAA(RU) Level

The assessment confirms the company’s financial stability and its important role in Gazprom PJSC’s natural gas export supplies

Gazprom Export Signs First Deal to Sell Gas to Turkish Market via Electronic Sales Platform

During the trading session, 700 thousand cubic meters of gas were sold with delivery to Malkoclar in December 2020

Rystad Energy Evaluated Advantages of Nord Stream 2 for Germany’s Gas Market

The pipeline is ranked as the most reliable and beneficial option for gas supplies to Germany

Gazprom Continues to Increase Gas Exports to China via the Power of Siberia Gas Pipeline

Average daily deliveries in October were 16.9% higher than in September

Sakhalin Energy Shipped Its 1900th Standard LNG Cargo from Prigorodnoye Port

The shipment will be delivered by the tanker K. Jasmine under the long-term agreement with the South Korean natural gas company KOGAS

Amur GPP Construction Project is 67.1 Per Cent Complete

The Gazprom Board of Directors has approved the ongoing work on the company’s major investment projects

Gazprom and VNG Discuss Issues Related to Gas Supplies

The volume of exports to Germany in August, September and the two decades of October exceeded the same figures of 2019

Gazprom Continues to Increase Gas Supplies to China via Power of Siberia Pipeline

The daily volume of deliveries has exceeded the obligations under the contract by 20%

TurkStream Allows Reducing GHG Emissions and Contributes to Progress towards European Climate Goals

It results from the pipeline’s Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Has Been Granted Operations Permit on the Danish Continental Shelf

The Danish Energy Agency has satisfied the relevant request of Nord Stream 2 AG

Gazprom Export Further Extends Functions of the Electronic Sales Platform

In September, the ESP launched new trade instruments

Working Meeting between Vladimir Putin and Alexey Miller

Alexey Miller briefed Vladimir Putin on preparing the gas supply system for the upcoming autumn/winter period

Gazprom and Mongolian Government Sign Memorandum of Intent

The parties discussed the prospects of cooperation on the project for pipeline gas supplies from Russia to China across Mongolia

Jemgum Gas Storage Facility in Northern Germany Сompleted

The storage will ensure security of supply to two major market areas

Official Ceremony to Mark the Start of SIBUR’s Amur Gas Chemical Complex Project Took Place

It will be launched in synch with the gradual ramp-up of Gazprom's Amur Gas Processing Plant to its full capacity

LNG for Heavy Vehicles Demonstrated Advantages over Diesel Drive

The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) and TÜV Rheinland compared costs for various fuels

Gazprom Export Increased Exports of Sulphur above Planned Indicators in H1 2020

Water transport provided the record volumes of sulphur shipments in the first months of navigation

June Marks New Sales Record on Gazprom Export's Electronic Sales Platform

Along with that, the first deal with new type of pricing has been concluded on the ESP

Pipe-Laying Vessels with Anchors May Be Used for Nord Stream 2 Construction

Permission was issued by the Danish Energy Agency

S&P, Moody’s and Fitch Affirm Gazprom’s Long-Term Investment-Grade Ratings

As before, all these ratings are investment-grade with a stable outlook

Infrastructures for the Small Scale LNG are Continuing to Develop Strongly throughout Europe

In particular, the number of LNG fueling stations as well as ships bunkering units is growing dynamically

Sakhalin Energy Has Extended the Development Licenses

The subsurface licenses have been prolonged until 2026

Gazprom Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2019

Reduction amounted to 3.52 million tons of СО2 equivalent

Key Сontracts Signed as Part of Project for Setting Up Complex for Processing Ethane-Containing Gas near Ust-Luga

Gazprom and RusKhimAlyans signed 20-year commercial contracts for supplies of feed gas and sales gas

Gazprom NGV Europe Optimizes Its CNG Station Network in Czech Republic

Gazprom NGV Europe (NGVE) plans to extend its CNG station network in the next years and will invest in station upgrades

Long-Term Contract for Gas Supplies to Greece Signed with Mytilineos

The contract provides for gas supplies in the period from 2020 to 2030

Progress of Amur GPP Сonstruction Project Reaches 61.9 Per Cent

The plant will process multi-component natural gas received via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline from the Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers

German Federal Network Agency Grants Nord Stream Pipeline Derogation from the EU Gas Directive’s Primary Provisions

The authority stressed the importance of the pipeline for securing reliable energy supply to Europe

Project for Natural Gas Processing and Liquefaction Complex near Ust-Luga Moving Forward

The complex will be the largest in the Northwestern Europe in terms of LNG production

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Significantly Decreased in the EU in 2019

Switching from coal to natural gas and renewables has reduced emissions in power generation sector by 15%

International Experts Analyzed Impact of Nord Stream 2 on European Gas Market

Once in action, Nord Stream 2 will allow to reduce gas prices in the European Union

Gazprom Сarrying on with Major Investment Projects

Within the Eastern Gas Program, Gazprom continues to ramp up its production and gas transmission capacities

Natural Gas Motorcars are Winners of Ecotest by German ADAC

Of 122 vehicles tested, only six got the highest rating, including three on natural gas

Sakhalin Energy Offloaded 1,800th Standard LNG Cargo

Since launch of the plant, Sakhalin Energy has produced and shipped approximately 117 million metric tonnes of liquefied natural gas

Gazprom and OMV Introducing Amendments to Asset Sale Deal

The negotiations for the final agreement on the Deal to be extended until June 2022

European NGV Market Surges in 2019

The number of new LNG trucks increased almost threefold

Gazprom Looking to Maintain and Strengthen Its Leadership Position in Europe While Expanding Into Asia

The Gazprom Management Committee took note of the information about the Company's international marketing strategy

Gazprom and OMV Discuss Cooperation-Related Issues

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Rainer Seele took place in Moscow

GECF Predicts Global Energy Gas Share at 27% by 2050

Gas is going to be the only fossil fuel to increase its use

Gazprom’s 15th Investor Day Launched in New York

The company's representatives made presentations on the main outcomes of the Company's work in 2019 with regard to its key activities, gave their assessments of the trends observed in the target sales markets, and spoke about the plans for further development

Volume of Supplies via the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline in 2019 Amounted to 58.5 Bcm

This corresponds to the volumes supplied in the record year of 2018

Gazprom and Mytilineos Discuss Gas Supplies

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Evangelos Mytilineos took place in Moscow

First Bcm of Gas Supplied via TurkStream

Commercial supplies via the pipeline commenced on January 1, 2020

TurkStream Gas Pipeline Officially Launched in Grand Ceremony

Gas supplies via TurkStream will help strengthen energy security in Turkey and Europe