Nine Months of 2021. Gazprom Provides over 53% of Europe’s Gas Imports

At the same time, LNG supplies to Europe went down by 14.5%

50th Anniversary of Contract for Russian Gas Supply to Finland

During our cooperation 130 bcm of natural gas were delivered

ACRA Agency Reaffirmed Gazprom Export Credit Rating as AAA (RU)

It is the highest credit rating under the Russian national scale

Industry Association Releases First Framework for Reporting and Offsetting Emissions in LNG

Gazprom Group supported its establishment

Strategic Cooperation between Gazprom and ENGIE Underpinned by Long-Term Contracts

It was underlined during a working meeting of companies' managers

Gazprom and VNG Discuss Cooperation-Related Issues

The parties agreed to explore the possibility of extending the long-term gas supply contract

Nord Stream AG Celebrates Decade of Gas Supplies

Since the start of operations, the Nord Stream pipeline has delivered more than 430 bcm of gas