5 June 2014

Slavín War Memorial in Bratislava

The city of Bratislava has hosted an official function marking the launch of an illumination system at the Slavín central war memorial complex, which was built to commemorate Soviet soldiers who lost their lives while liberating Western Slovakia in 1945. The celebrations were attended by Russian Ambassador to Slovakia Pavel Kuznetsov, Mayor of Bratislava Milan Ftáčnik, Slovak Republic Defense Minister Martin Glváč, and Education Minister Dušan Čaplovič.

The Slavín memorial is located on one of the city’s hills. It is crowned by an obelisk nearly 40 meters high, supporting a 10-meter sculpture of a soldier holding a banner; all around the obelisk are bronze statues dedicated to over six thousand fallen warriors.

The work to perpetuate the memory of Soviet soldiers and officers who died in World War II is always — especially under the current difficult political situation in the world — is of great importance to embedding the understanding of Russia’s importance in world history and its leading role in freeing the European continent from the horrors of Nazism in the minds of the people and leaders of various countries," said in his speech Pavel Kuznetsov, Russian Ambassador to Slovakia

The construction of the illumination system was made possible by Gazprom Export’s financial support.


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