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23 December 2016

New Year Miracle for Children

Новогоднее чудо для детей

Christmas Gifts for Children


New Year is a real symbol of magic. This is exactly the time when we all make wishes and look forward to the dreams coming true. Children living in orphanages and boarding schools are also waiting and hoping for a miracle to happen. Pupils of such social institutions, of course, always get tasty and useful gifts, unfortunately, being often impersonal. During these fabulous days, each child would like to receive exactly the gift, he or she wishes with heart’s desire. However, these kids do not have moms and dads who fulfill the desires of their children in an ordinary family. That is why our company has been initiating a special charity event “Acting Grandfather Frost” in the beginning of December for several years already.

This year’s event was attended by orphanages, boarding schools and other social institutions of St. Petersburg, as well as Leningrad, Kostroma and Smolensk regions. About 100 children created bright and original postcards to Grandfather Frost, where they introduced themselves and wrote their secret desires. The dreams expressed were the most diverse: big dolls, stuffed animals, construction toys or inflatable sledges for fun sliding; boys dreamed more often of radio-controlled models and devices and some disabled children needed special gifts.

All letters with children’s dreams found their place on a special Christmas tree in the company office, so that each employee could become a true magician and fulfill any of the children’s wishes. In late December, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden took the beautifully wrapped gifts and visited all the sponsored institutions participating in the campaign, where the children were waiting for them impatiently. At the end of the festive event with dances, songs and contests, each kid got something he or she had been dreaming about from the hands of the winter wizard.

In addition, orphanages received the gifts prepared by our partner companies Engie and Gasunie which will undoubtedly help to make children’s lives better and more convenient.


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