10 August 2018

World Trade Organization Panel Issued Report Ruling the Case Brought by Russia Against EU

Today the World Trade Organization Panel issues report ruling the case brought by the Russian Federation on 30 April 2014 against European Union and its Member States on certain measures relating EU energy policy. 

From all claims filed by the Russian Federation the following measures were recognized inconsistent with the WTO provisions:

  • special treatment inside European regulation to OPAL pipeline;
  • requirement of Third Energy Package Directive on a special certification measures for transmission operators controlled by foreign citizens;
  • TEN-E measure providing more favorable conditions for the development of projects aimed at diversification sources of natural gas supply to EU of any origin other than Russian.

PJSC Gazprom has always stood for taking into consideration interests of gas supplies while implementing European energy policy. For this reason Gazprom is satisfied with the WTO panel ruling in its part concerning abovementioned recognized violations, and expects that EU will take appropriate measures to remedy recognized violations by adopting its legislation to Panel report.

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