16 January 2019

Within the First Fifteen Days of 2019, Gazprom Increased Supplies to the Far Abroad up to 8.6 Bcm

At the beginning of 2019, Gazprom continued to increase volumes of gas production, its sales on the domestic market as well as supplies to the Far Abroad countries. 

According to operational data, from 1 to 15 January, Gazprom produced 22.8 bcm of gas, which is by 3.7% (by 0.8 bcm) more than in the same period of 2018.

The company's domestic gas sales from gas transmission network increased by 8% (by 1.2 bcm).

Compared to the first half of January 2018, Gazprom increased gas supplies to the Far Abroad countries by 3.1% — up to 8.6 bcm. In particular, supplies significantly increased to Italy (by 74.6%), to Austria (by 42.6%), to the Czech Republic (by 43.4%), to the Netherlands (by 18%), to Germany (by 2.2%), to France (by 10%), to Romania (by 28.8%), to Bulgaria (by 20%), to Finland (by 16.5%), to Denmark (by 17.9%), to Greece (by 6.6%).


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