1 October 2021

In Nine Months of 2021, Gazprom Increased Its Exports by 15.3 % YoY

Gazprom increased its gas exports to the countries beyond the FSU to 145.8 billion cubic meters, which is the second-highest amount for nine months in the entire history of supplies, compared to 149.2 billion cubic meters in 2018. This is higher than the figure for the same period of 2020 by 15.3%, or by 19.3 billion cubic meters.

Specifically, Gazprom increased gas supplies to Turkey (+138.3%), Germany (+33.2%), Italy (+14.2%), Romania (+305.6%), Serbia (+125.2%), Poland (+11.2%), Bulgaria (+52.5%), Greece (+10.8%), and Finland (+17.5%). Gas supplies to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline continue growing.


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