Gas Market News

“Good Environmental Impact Assessment” Award for Nord Stream 2 in Finland

Environmental Impact Assessment submitted by Nord Stream 2 AG was awarded a “Good EIA Award” at the annual EIA Day held in Helsinki.

European UGS Reserves Down to Record Lows

By March 20, European storages were filled at 20.5% on average. Some facilities are emptied by 94-96%.

Gazprom’s Exports Continue to Grow

Russian gas supplies to far abroad countries in March grew by 29.4% compared to last year.

Russian Gas Export Sets New Records

Last weeks saw a record-breaking daily gas supply volumes, setting new historical maximums for Gazprom.

Nord Stream 2 Project Receives Permit for German Territorial Waters

Stralsund Mining Authority issues planning approval to Nord Stream 2 AG for the construction and operation of the new pipeline.

Eurogas comments on European Commission’s proposal to amend EU Gas Directive

According to the association, this initiative could potentially pose a threat to existing gas pipelines and new projects

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