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20 December 2013

First LNG-fuelled buses will hit streets of Warsaw early 2015

The municipal transport company MZA and Lider Trading Company signed in the City Hall of Poland’s capital the contract for delivering to Warsaw 35 LNG-powered buses and refueling equipment. The first LNG buses will be running in the streets of Warsaw at the beginning of 2015. The buses will be delivered by Lider Trading – distribution partner of Polish Solbus and Gazprom Germania.

Solbus, Lider Trading, and Gazprom Germania won a public tender, having convinced the MZA on the ecological and economic benefits of using natural gas as a motor fuel. According to the contract, Solbus will provide innovative LNG-fuelled city buses, and Gazprom Germania will supply the LNG and invest into the fueling infrastructure.

It is not the first investment made by Solbus and Gazprom into the development of the eco-friendly transport in Poland. In October, the companies launched the project of supplying 11 LNG-fuelled buses to the city of Olsztyn. This was the first ever project instituting such vehicles in the European public transport sector.

Introducing LNG to public transportation in Poland is an element of the wider European strategy supported by Gazprom Group towards a more eco-friendly, safer and economically attractive transport based on natural gas. Against the rising prices for petrol and diesel, and under tighter environmental regulations methane is one of the most promising fuel alternatives. The basic advantages of natural gas amount to its compatibility with the stringent environmental requirements due to gas ability to reduce CO2 emissions at a low cost, and also to its abundance and availability. Besides, natural gas engines compared to those running on petrol or diesel produce less noise. 

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