Gas Market News

24 October 2016

Gazprom sets records in daily gas exports to Europe

Last week Gazprom set absolute daily records of natural gas supplies to far abroad countries. Highest export volumes were recorded in several consecutive days: on 18th October European consumers purchased 578.9 bcm of gas, while on 21st October supplies to Europe amounted to 590 bcm. The previous record of Gazprom’s export supplies had been established during the bitter frosts of January 2008.

«Winter has not yet begun, but demand for Russian gas is so high as if severe frosts set in Europe. This is a further proof that Russian gas is competitive and highly sought energy source on the European market. That the new gas transit routes for reliable supplies — the Nord Stream 2 and the TurkStream — are needed by foreign consumers», — Alexey Miller, Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee said.

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