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10 March 2017

«Blue Corridor-2017» LNGV Rally Kicks Off in Lisbon Late September

The 11th annual NGV Rally «Blue Corridor 2017: Iberia-Baltia» will start its engines in late September 2017 in Lisbon. This time the participants will drive on liquefied natural gas (LNG). This aims to highlight the growing importance of LNG use for new applications, especially as a fuel for heavy duty on-road transport.

The Rally will drive through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia to finish in the city of Saint Petersburg. The festive finish will be collocated with the 7th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

The round tables along the Rally’s route are planned to take place. Their aim is introducing multiple benefits of LNG as a fuel for transport to politicians, automakers, equipment manufacturers, transportation and logistics companies as well industry experts and journalists. LNG offers an ideal combination of environmental and economic bonuses, allowing to save fuel costs and meet emission standards.

«International experience convincingly proves that in the mid-term future, LNG will remain the only feasible alternative to diesel for heavy duty vehicles to efficiently and economically meet environmental challenges», — said Eugene Pronin, Gazprom Export’s Rally coordinator.

The Blue Corridor Rally was originated by Gazprom Group in 2008. Since then several prominent European gas and auto-market stakeholders joined the project, expanding this branded event internationally. During the recent decade of the Blue Corridor project over 150 factory built natural gas vehicles have driven over 40,000 kilometers across 22 European countries from Yekaterinburg to Brussels and from Helsinki to Sochi.

The rally is traditionally coordinated by Gazprom Export LLC and Uniper SE (former part of E.ON).

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