17 August 2017

Russian Gas Export Sets New Records

On August, 16th, against the background of an increased demand for the Russian natural gas in the far abroad countries, Gazprom has set an absolute record of the daily utilization of transport gas exports capacities in the history of the company for August, amounted to 586.5 mcm. This is also significantly higher than the maximum daily load in winter 2015/2016 which was 539 mcm.

High demand for Russian gas persists throughout the year. According to preliminary data, from January, 1st to August, 15th, 2017, Gazprom Group extracted 283,8 bcm of gas which is by 47 bcm, or by 19.8% more than in the first seven and a half months of 2016.

The export of the Russian gas to the far abroad countries in this period amounted to 118,3 bcm, which is 12.7 bcm, or by 12% more compared to the same period of the last year. For example, the supplies to Germany increased by 14.5%, to Austria — by 66.7%, to Slovakia — by 28%, to the Czech Republic — by 27.9%, to Turkey — by 22.4%, to Greece — by 13.2%, to Serbia — by 40.8%, to Bulgaria — by 11.1%, to Hungary — by 24.4%.

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