22 March 2018

European UGS Reserves Down to Record Lows

The withdrawal of gas from European underground gas storage facilities, where the reserves have decreased down to the record low rates, is continuing.

As of 19 March, according to the Gas Infrastructure Europe Association, 61.9 bcm of gas have been withdrawn from gas storages in Europe. Therefore, even before the end of heating season the overall offtake volume has reached its maximum amount in the history of GIE records.

By March 20, European storages were filled at 20.5% on average. In some countries, such as Belgium and France, storage facilities are emptied by 94-96%. 


Gas Infrastructure Europe association has been keeping records since 2011.
According to GIE statistics, during the preparation to the 2017/2018 heating season, avolume of 59.8 bcm of gas has been injected into European gas storages.

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