23 March 2018

“Good Environmental Impact Assessment” Award for Nord Stream 2 in Finland

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) submitted by Nord Stream 2 AG was awarded a “Good EIA Award” at the annual EIA Day held in Helsinki, Finland on March 22, 2018. The EIA was drafted by Nord Stream 2’s environmental consultancy company Ramboll Finland.

“We are very pleased with this recognition and I would like to thank Ramboll for their excellent work. Their experience gained from the previous Nord Stream project was a good starting point for the development of Nord Stream 2’s EIA. Nord Stream 2 has taken into consideration the feedback received from various stakeholders in the implementation of the project as much as possible. We are committed to constructing the pipelines in such a way that the impacts will remain as limited as possible”, says Tore Granskog, Nord Stream 2’s permitting manager for Finland.

The Environmental Impact Assessment material is used as the basis for decision-making in the permitting procedure in Finland, where Nord Stream 2 requires two permits for the planned pipelines running 374 km through the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ): the government’s consent for the use of the EEZ, and a Water Permit for the construction and operation of the pipeline. These are expected to be received in the next weeks.

Nord Stream 2 AG has already received permits to start construction of the pipeline offshore section in the waters of Germany and the receiving terminal on its territory. Apart from Finland, also Sweden, Denmark and Russia are expected to grant permits.

Read more on Nord Stream 2 AG website.

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