3 April 2018

Gazprom Sets Another Record in Monthly Gas Supplies

Gazprom reports a growth of production and supply despite the end of calendar winter. According to preliminary results of Q1 2018, an absolute monthly record of 19.6 bcm was set for gas supplies in March to the Far Abroad countries. The previous record of 19.1 bcm was set in January 2017.

Within Q1 2018, Gazprom supplied a total of 54.4 bcm to the Far Abroad countries. The increase amounts to 3.3 bcm or 6,6% compared to the same period of 2017. According to the Q1 results, supplies increased to Germany by 12.2%, to France by 11.1%, to Austria by 83.5%, to the Netherlands by 127%, to Finland by 15.5%, to Greece by 36.4%.

Gazprom also increased gas production. In March 2018, 46.5 bcm were produced, which is higher than Gazprom’s production in January and February of this year and also 20.5% (7.9 bcm) more than in March 2017. This is the maximal volume of gas production for this month over the last six years.

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