25 June 2018

Sakhalin Energy offloaded the 1500th LNG cargo

The 1500th LNG cargo since the launch in 2009 of Russia’s first liquefied natural gas plant, Sakhalin 2, was shipped from Prigorodnaya seaport. The buyer of the cargo, which will be delivered to Japan by Energy Navigator tanker is Japan’s largest natural gas company Tokyo Gas. It is symbolic that Tokyo Gas was one of the buyers of the first Russian LNG cargo in March, 2009.

In August 2015 the 1000th LNG cargo was offloaded to the same tanker and Tokyo Gas, together with Tokyo Electric, were among the buyers.

The majority of products of Sakhalin Energy are exported to Japan. In 2017, 64.31% of the LNG produced by the company (more than 7.4 mln t) was shipped to Japanese energy companies.  In addition, there are also companies from South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Kuwait and Thailand who buy Sakhalin LNG. 

Currently Sakhalin Energy contributes over 9% of Asia-Pacific LNG supply and about 4% of global LNG supplies. Since the beginning of production, Sakhalin Energy plant has by now offloaded 97.5 mln t of LNG.

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