14 August 2018

All Permits for Construction of Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline in Russia Received

Nord Stream 2 AG, the developer of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, received a permit from Russia’s Federal Agency for the Supervision of Natural Resources Use (Rosprirodnadzor) for the installation of a 114 km length underwater pipeline section in the territorial sea of the Russian Federation. Its construction will begin in the near future, as stated by Nord Stream 2 AG.

Before that a construction permit for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was issued by Ministry of Construction and Utilities of the Russian Federation. Thus, all the permits necessary for construction of the Russian section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline were received on 14 August, 2018.

Along with Russia, Germany, Finland and Sweden have granted all the permits necessary for construction of the planned pipeline within their jurisdictions. The national permitting procedure in Denmark is ongoing.



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