5 September 2018

Pipelay of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Has Started in Finland

Today the Solitaire vessel started the pipelay for the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline in the Gulf of Finland.

Before the start of pipelay, the vessel was tested to meet the project’s strict requirements. Nord Stream 2’s construction plan takes into consideration different construction conditions, in particular environmental requirements. For example,

Solitaire uses a dynamic positioning system with thrusters to position itself accurately. Thus, it is only the pipeline that touches the seabed. Vessel operating without anchors ensures additional safety in the congested Gulf of Finland.

Pipe supply vessels (PSV’s) will deliver the 12-metre pipes used to build Nord Stream 2 to the Solitaire from the project’s nearest logistics hubs, such as Kotka or Hanko, to keep the necessary pipe stock avaliable.

The pipes are welded together on board the vessel, then welds are tested and finally the pipeline is lowered down to the seabed. A survey vessel will perform surveys prior to and after pipelay to verify that the pipeline is located at its correct position.

All safety operations within the Finnish EEZ have been agreed in cooperation with the Finnish Transport Agency and Border Guard. Pipelay works are carried out in compliance with the national permit provisions and overseen by the national authorities.



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