3 April 2020

Natural Gas Motorcars are Winners of Ecotest by German ADAC

Vehicles that use natural gas as a motor fuel are more environmentally friendly than the majority of electric vehicles, as well as than vehicles with a hybrid engine. This was concluded by  the experts of the General German Automobile Club (ADAC) within its annual Ecotest.

Of 122 cars tested by ADAC following 2019, only six were able to get the highest five-star rating. The leaders of this rating included three cars running on natural gas, with Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Golf that scored two very top positions in terms of points; as well as Seat Arona.

The General German Automobile Club makes a list of the most eco-friendly vehicles every year, taking into account such criteria as the amount of CO2 emissions as well as NOx emissions. ADAC experts consider both types of emissions regardless of vehicle size, class and fuel type.


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