20 May 2020

German Federal Network Agency Grants Nord Stream Pipeline Derogation from the EU Gas Directive’s Primary Provisions

Germany’s Federal Network Agency granted to the Nord Stream pipeline a derogation from the application of the primary provisions of the EU Gas Directive. The decision comes into force retroactively, starting 12 December 2019. On that day, the German legislation was amended and  the regulations of the EU legislation were applied to the sections of the offshore gas pipelines in the territorial waters of an EU member state, where the first interconnection point with the gas pipeline network was located.

According to the authority’s decision, the derogation from the particular regulation applies to the pipeline section located on German territory, including German territorial waters, and is initially valid for 20 years. 

According to Alexey Zaitsev, the Managing Director of Nord Stream AG, the company is pleased with this positive decision of the German Federal Network Agency, as well as with the fact that the authority highlighted the pipeline’s contribution to security of supply and confirmed the absence of detrimental effects on competition on the European internal gas market.


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