4 June 2020

Gazprom NGV Europe Optimizes Its CNG Station Network in Czech Republic

КПГ-заправка в Колине

CNG station in Kolín


An optimization of the existing station network started with moving two underutilized stations to higher demand centers with more cost synergies. Therefore, since May the CNG stations in Hodonín and Pelhřimov have been closed and at the same time, the CNG stations in Kolín and Opava have been upgraded with more capacity and additional refilling spots, in order to serve increasing bus and truck customer demand.

Furthermore, NGVE plans to open two new CNG stations in the Czech Republic by the end of the year; and for next year, a further expansion of the station network is planned.

Tobias Jacobs, the branch manager responsible for the Czech Gas for transport business, states out: “The gas mobility in the Czech Republic is a clear success story with steadily growing sales volumes over the last 15 years and one of the best CNG station network in Europe. Together with a continuous political support – like the recently approved National Action Plan for Clean Mobility – and attractivity of gas vehicles especially for the environmentally important public transport and logistics, we see a big potential for CNG and LNG in the Czech Republic. We want to support this good development and will further invest in our station network”.



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