22 June 2020

Infrastructures for the Small Scale LNG are Continuing to Develop Strongly throughout Europe

The number of LNG fueling stations as well as ships bunkering units in Europe is growing dynamically. This was concluded by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

The GIE's up-to-date map of existing and planned small scale LNG infrastructure demonstrates the rapid development of this segment throughout Europe. There are now about 280 LNG fueling stations in operation, while the milestone of the 200th station was reached just one year ago. For ships bunkering, the progress is even more striking: there are now 9 vessels dedicated to LNG bunkering, with 5 more expected to be delivered by the end of 2020, while three years ago there were only 2.

LNG has great potential for replacing heavy fuel oil and diesel in freight transport and shipping, as well as in supply to industrial sites and communities not connected to a pipeline network, GIE said recalling that the use of natural gas in transport can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25% as well as nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions — by up to 90% compared to traditional fuels.



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