1 June 2021

Gazprom Exports of Gas to Far Abroad Countries in 2021 Reach 84.2 bcm

Gazprom supplies to the far abroad countries in January-May amounted to 84.2 bcm of gas. This is by 27.2%, or 18 bcm, more than in the same period of the previous year.

In the first five months of the year, exports to Turkey increased by 166.9% year on year, to Germany – by 40%, to Italy – by 18%, to France – by 18.4%, to Poland – by 19.8%, to Bulgaria – by 47.8%, to Romania – by 194.7%, to Serbia – by 125.9%, to Greece – by 29.9%.

According to preliminary data, in January-May Gazprom’s gas production reached 221.9 bcm. This is by 16.2%, or by 31 bcm, more than in January-May 2020.

Source: Gazprom PJSC Information Directorate  

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