19 July 2021

EU Gas Demand to Remain Unchanged Even in Net-Zero Future

European energy system will need similar amounts of natural gas in a feasible net-zero future as it does today, shows the study commissioned by the Hydrogen4EU consortium.

The scientists considered two scenarios of the EU energy system development. The first involves technology diversification and using a wide range of decarbonisation technologies. In this case, the share of gas in primary energy demand will reach 32% by 2050. Today it is around 25%.

The second scenario means the purposeful development of renewables. However, even in this case, the gas demand in the EU remains unchanged. It will be around 26% by 2050. In this scenario, gas ‘provides important flexibility as a complement to renewables’.

The authors note the importance of using CCUS technologies with natural gas. They highlight that in the future, the focus of gas consumption will inevitably shift from direct combustion by end-users to the production of hydrogen and electricity.

‘A credible path to decarbonisation will require more than just electrification. Harnessing the power of both renewables and low-carbon gas will deliver the fastest, ‘ – said Dawn Summers, President of GasNaturally and COO of Wintershall Dea, on July 7 at the presentation of the study.



Hydrogen4EU is a research partnership aiming to inform on the contribution of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen in reaching the European energy transition goals. It is based on analytics prepared by IFPEN (France), SINTEF (Norway) and Deloitte France, and advised by industry, policymakers, academics and the civil society. Several partners funded the research. Among them are BP, ENI, Equinor, ExxonMobil, OMV, Shell, Snam, Total, Wintershall Dea, Zukunft Gas and others.


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