13 August 2021

Gazprom Energy Awarded Silver Medal Accreditation by International Ratings Provider EcoVadis

Gazprom Energy of Gazprom Export Group has been awarded a Silver medal rating by the international ratings provider EcoVadis for its progress in sustainable development.

The Silver award puts Gazprom Energy in the top 25% of the 75,000 companies that EcoVadis has assessed in 2021. The accreditation covers four holistic areas of sustainability: Environmental, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

“This has been a priority for our organisation and employees for a long time, but we know it’s just as important for our customers, partners and suppliers to know they’re working with a responsible business, " says David Carroll, Senior Corporate Account Manager at Gazprom Energy.

The company is also working to promote sustainability for customers by providing more low-carbon energy products, including carbon offsetting and renewable energy.



Gazprom Energy is the retail arm of London-based Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd. Gazprom Energy provides gas, electricity and green energy products to business customers. Gazprom Energy is the UK’s leading business gas supplier with over 30,000 customers across the country. The company has offices in the UK, France, and the Netherlands.



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