1 September 2021

In Eight Months of 2021, Gazprom Increased Its Exports by 19.4% YoY

In January-August 2021, Gazprom’s gas exports to the Far Abroad countries reached 131.3 bcm. The increase amounted to 19.4% year-on-year, or 21.3 bcm. Gazprom’s supplies are keeping close to the historic record of 133.3 bcm at the same period of 2018.

For instance, the company ramped up its supplies to Turkey (by 173.6%), Germany (by 39.3%), Italy (by 15%), Romania (by 344%), Serbia (by 123.9%), Poland (by 12%), Bulgaria (by 50.9%), Greece (by 15.8%), Finland (by 22.7%).

Gas deliveries to China through the Power of Siberia pipeline continue to rise as well. On August 26, daily deliveries broke the record for the fourth time this year, and exceeded Gazprom’s daily contract obligations by more than 5%.

In January-August, according to the preliminary data, Gazprom produced 337.2 bcm, which is by 17.9%, or 51.2 bcm, more than in the previous year. Domestic supply increased by 10.9%, or 15.6 bcm.


Source: Gazprom PJSC Information Directorate


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